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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Clearly, "imminent" is subjective...

So when I say there's an imminent lyric post, I don't mean it in the traditional sense... apparently. Right now I'm rather busy running around/cleaning in preparation for heading to Japan in a couple months, so I can't really say when I'll be updating. Hopefully before I leave the country? Let's just leave the goal there for now. Sorry to anyone (if there is indeed anyone) who actually checks here.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Imminent Updates

So I have a rather ridiculous amount of translations that I reaaally need to get around to posting here. I'm aiming for having a lot of it up by this coming Friday so yay ^__^

~ Alicia

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tohoshinki - Stand By U translation

Aaand because I've translated their newest single, I figured I might as well post it before I forget. I've had this done for a while now but of course failed to put it up >.<


Ever since the day you left without saying goodbye,
It feels like the scenery and scent of this city have changed
I wanted to be your everything and the promise I made remains unfulfilled,
Becoming but a memory

And when you cried all alone,
If I'd flown to your side, would you still be beside me?
If only I could, I want to tell you once more that I love you
My feelings for you and these words that have overflowed... now they won't reach you

* Where are you? Who's with you there?
How are you dressed? I wonder, what are you laughing at?
I'm here, even now I'm here
Believing that you and I will see each other again

My feelings haven't changed... I'm thinking only of you...

Seeing someone from behind with their hair tied back, I think it's you
But she turns around and it's a stranger; I've been disappointed this way so many times
And whenever a call comes in, I hope to see your name
I spend every day like this, it's pathetic

"I can't forget you"... that's a lie, the truth is I don't want to forget
I don't need to pretend to be strong anymore
Without you here, I'll never feel happiness again...
No matter how hard I try, the tears that overflow won't stop any time soon

* Repeat

So now, here I am, alone and calling your name again
I can't bear any more pain than this
But I have no other choice

Just you being here, everything seemed to shine
And though those days won't return,
Whatever happens, whatever I lose,
I never want to forget that I loved you

Wherever you are, whoever you're with,
Whatever you're dreaming about, whatever you're laughing about,
The whole time, I'll be here, even now I'm here
Believing that one day I'll see you again

My feelings haven't changed... I'm thinking only of you...
My feelings haven't changed... I'm thinking only of you...

Translator's Notes

I wanted to be your everything and the promise I made remains unfulfilled,
Becoming but a memory
Literally, the verb in the second line would be "changing" into a memory. I struggled a bit here, not because this was a difficult verse, but because I felt 変わる (kawaru / to change) was chosen to emphasize/continue the 'changes' that have happened since 'she' left, the way the scenery and scent of the city seem to have changed now that she's gone. The use of 'mo' (even, also) after 'yakusoku' (promise) also acts as an emphasizer. The other fun part was the 'shimau' attached to the verb that adds a sense of finality and sometimes, as in this case, a sense of regret. I chose to use "becoming" because of the phrase "becoming but a ...." I felt it has a sense of longing to it, that whatever the new outcome is, it's not the preferred one. I felt it was most fitting with the mood of the lines even though the verb changed (lol no pun intended)

My feelings haven't changed... I'm thinking only of you...
I took a little creative license with the first part of this line. For the life of me, I couldn't figure out what would be the most accurate expression of 変わらず思っているよ (kawarazu omotte iru yo) in English. Very litterally, it could be 'without changing, I'm thinking of/feeling for (you).' In this case, I think it was being used moreso in emphasis of the line to follow than to stand on its own yet at the same time I felt something was lost by condensing it into something like 'I'm still thinking only of you.' I justed wanted to note that in an attempt to prevent 'that's not what that part means' comments ^^;; Though, if anyone has any thoughts/suggestions, please let me know!

Seeing someone from behind with their hair tied back, I think it's you
I spend every day like this, it's pathetic
I've clumped these two lines together here since they're from the same verse. The 'kasanete' in the first line rather threw me off but I think this is pretty accurate nonetheless. Kasaneru can be used to mean 'overlap, add, pile up' but it's also used in a variety of other ways to the extent that I was rather unsure exactly what role it played here. As close as I got was thinking that since the object is kimi (you), there was the idea of 'adding' the person he's wanting to see to other people?
The idea of her (the 'you' in the song) is being placed/put onto this figure he sees from behind. Sort of that 'I see you everywhere' feeling? I could be way off with this, so once again any input is much appreciated.

In the second line here (and the last line of the verse), it would more literally be translated as 'I spend everyday in this ridiculous/uncool way' or perhaps 'Everyday passes in this ridiculous/uncool way.' Kakkowarui is probably most commonly translated as 'uncool' but that doesn't really work here. It also carries a sense of absurdity/ridicule and I've seen it translated as 'clunky' too. This got me thinking that maybe the image here is one of him as a sort of... sad excuse for a human being? He can't get over her, he's seeing her everywhere and is always hoping she'll show up on the caller ID. This is why I translated it as 'pathetic.' As usual, if anyone has any thoughts on this, I'd love to hear them.

I don't need to pretend to be strong anymore
Once again, this is a somewhat lose interpretation. I couldn't get the verse to flow smoothly when I was translating it more literally, so I finally decided to basically nix the 'rashisa naraba' bit in the Japanese >.<>one but couldn't get the literal English into a neat little connecting line. I think the 'pretending to be strong' bit is in reference to the pretending he can't forget her but there's no point in lying when it won't make a difference? And then of course come the tears. Any thoughts on this? I was seriously like 'argh what is up with this line??' for quite a while, so I'd love it if anyone else speaks some Japanese and has thoughts on this! ^^;;;

I feel like my notes have somewhat become a 'if you know Japanese, what do you think?'-plead for help XD Unfortunately, my contact with native speakers and second language Japanese speakers is pretty much nonexistant now that I've graduated, so I'm rather literally on my own and tend to fret about mistranslating/interpreting so... yes, if anyone knows some Japanese, I would love some feedback ^^;;;

Tohoshinki (Jaejoong & Yoochun) - Colors ~Melody & Harmony~

Okay, so I've been listening to this song on repeat for the last couple hours and I think I'm in love with it. Be forewarned though that this song hasn't been released officially yet and I'm therefore doing these lyrics by ear! Once we get some official lyrics, I can verify/correct, but until then this is what you get...


* Ima dokoka de dareka ga tsurai kimochi de hitorikiri
Nemurenu yoru wo sugoshiteru no nara
Sono kokoro ni hikari sasu made yorisotte inoru kara
like a melody and harmony in love

Nanika no tame ni bokura wa koko de chiisana koto shika dekinai keredo
Ichibyou dake demo sekaijuu no namida tomatte egao ni natte kureru no nara

Aishitsuzukeru yo arukitsuzukeru yo
Afureru omoi ga todoku to shinjite
Umareru mae kara bokura wa deatte
Yume wo sagashiteta sonna ki ga suru yo

You know you're just like them other ten,
A faded fight between you and I
I'd rather hope than make you sad and cry
What I just wanna say is
Keep the faith but fate never is moving us
It can't take us, it doesn't make different cases
So turn the light on, interact with a piece of dream
Sound brighter, we all want the same sound
Keep the tears, I told you how I'm your freedom, like a bird going through the sky
What are we, just a Christmas tree in the night?

Kirameku oto ni tsutsumareru toki
Kanashii subete wasurete irareta
Melody and harmony itsumo soba ni ite
Boku ni yuuki to kibou wo kureta ne

Kimi ni arigatou zutto arigatou
Kagayaku omoi wa kimi no okurimono
Sasaeaeru koto mitsumeaeru koto
Hitori janai koto oshiete kureta yo

Kasaneau ai wo melody ni nosete
Tsutaete yukitai itsumo itsumademo

My music is my life
For you, for you smile
Tsuyoi kizuna ga aru kara
My life is wonderful
Forever, forever
Kono basho kara

Aishitsuzukeru yo arukitsuzukeru yo
Afureru omoi ga todoku to shinjite
Kimi ni arigatou zutto arigatou
Kagayaku omoi wa kimi no okurimono
Kasaneau ai wo melody ni nosete
Tsutaete yukitai itsumo itsumademo

La la la...
Kimi no okurimono
La la la...
Itsumo itsumademo

* Repeat

Thursday, January 8, 2009

DBSK/Tohoshinki - Wasurenaide

So I'm officially in love with one of the track's from DBSK's upcoming single, 'Bolero/Kiss My Baby Sky/Wasurenaide.' The last one, to be precise. There are no official lyrics out at this point (the single doesn't come out for another couple weeks) so this was all done by ear. I'll fix any mistakes once the official lyrics come out though ^^

Wasurenaide (Don't Forget Me)

I sit on my bed and think of you
It's alright even if I can't see you...
I miss you, but just this feeling is enough

The memories of you remain, they're so strong
I read a short message from you and it makes my chest tighten painfully
But I want to keep protecting your eternal happiness

* I'll become the wind and wrap gently around you
Right now, I want to fly to a world with you in it
Even though I want to see you so much... I miss you so much...
I'm waiting for you, don't forget me

On the path we'd always walk, I felt your presence
Silently, I close my eyes and pray that it'll never disappear

Without acknowledging the things that hurt you deeply, you just kept on laughing and smiling
I'll always remember and cherish that
And I'll keep yelling out to the world, even if the words I use are but ordinary

* Repeat

The nights touched by you...
It's enough to break me; your fragrance hanging in the air and these feelings that build up, baby
So that this'll never end, I'll hold your hand even tighter
So that we'll never be separated...

I'll become the wind and wrap gently around you
Right now, I want to fly to a world with you in it
Even though I want to see you so much... I miss you so much...
I'm waiting for you... I'm waiting for you

* Repeat

I'm right here, don't forget me

Translator's Notes

As usual, there were quite a few places where I chose the more interpretive route over the literal one. I felt the story was one of loss, of a loved one who's died and of the one left behind who has to deal with the pain. But someday, they'll be reunited, and he wants her to know that he hasn't forgotten her, he's waiting until he can see her again, so she shouldn't forget him either. I don't know if Jaejoong or anyone else has really said anything about the song. This is just the feeling I got. Maybe he or one of the other boys will say something about it later on. Anyway, on with the notes...

In the first verse, the verb au (逢う) means 'to meet' but in english I felt we use the idea of wanting to see someone (versus meet with them) more often and translated it as such. Japanese also doesn't have a phrase/word that directly corresponds to the English 'I miss you' and 'aitai' is often used in that way.

For the start of the second verse, I took some creative license. More literally, it would go something like 'The strongly left behind memories, your short message makes my chest tighten painfully.' I got the feeling however that he's both reminiscing and perhaps looking through memories, things like short letters/messages she'd written for him.

For the chorus, I did translate pretty literally, with a bit of creative flair thrown in as far as wording is concerned. I got the feeling here of him wanting to join her right then and there, but he knows she wouldn't want him to throw his life away and so he'll just keep waiting until he's able to see her again.

In the next verse, I took a tiny bit of creative license. Literally, the first line would be 'On the usual path/walkway, I felt your shadow.' I thought the idea here was also that of a memory, a memory of the two of them walking there together, to be more precise. In this scenario, I felt it was fitting to the mood to translate it not so much him literally feeling her shadow itself, but rather feeling a shadow of her, feeling like she was there with him even now. This is why I chose 'her presence' for this part. I also felt this worked well with the next line and his silent prayer that she'll be with him always, even if only in spirit.

This next part was also a pretty literal translation. I think the idea here is that he treasures the way she was, the way she didn't let things get to her and instead smiled/laughed, putting on a happy face. As for what exactly it is that he's yelling/crying out, I got the feeling this was meant almost as a "I won't let anyone else forget it either; I'll honor you memory and keep it alive." This could just be me... if anyone else has any thoughts on this, please do share! ^^

For this verse, I must admit I was a little unsure how to handle it. The whole 'kimi ni fureta yoru kowareteshimau hodo ni' part; I was torn over what exactly was going to break... those nights, or him. Oh Japanese and your vagueness... I decided in the end to go with him because I felt the next line worked a bit better with that idea. It gave a feeling of him being a bit overwhelmed; her scent lingers in the room, all the things he's feeling, it all compounds and builds to the point that he feels he'll burst/fall apart. But even then, he doesn't want to ever forget, he doesn't want their time together to ever really end, so he just holds on even harder. Once again, this is just my interpretation and others thoughts are greatly welcomed.

Overall, I feel this is one of their most beautiful Japanese songs to date, on up there with Love in the Ice in my book. I hope you all enjoyed and that this made sense! <3

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Mulan - Reflection (Japanese version)

I recently rediscovered my love for Disney songs, particularly the Japanese versions of Disney songs. While surfing around YouTube, I came across a partially mistranslated video for the Japanese version of Reflection (from Mulan) and decided to translate it myself (and record it XD). In any case, here are the lyrics with translator notes in typical Alicia-style, color coding and all.


わかる ありのままの自分をごまかせないの
水に映る派手な姿 知らない人に見えるわ
隠せないわ 自分らしさ
本当の私 いつの日か
必ず映る いつの日か

Dame ne
Nan no tame ni umaretekita no watashi
Yaku ni tatanai musume
Wakaru, ari no mama no jibun wo gomakasenai
Mizu ni utsuru hade na sugata shiranai hito ni mieru wa
Kakusenai wa jibun rashisa
Hontou no watashi itsu no hi ka
Kanarazu utsuru itsu no hi ka

There's no point to this...
For what purpose was I born?
To be a good-for- nothing daughter?
I know that I can't pretend to be someone I'm not
The made-up person reflected in the water seems to me a stranger
I can't hide my true self
And one day, I'll see the real me...
Surely someday, I'll see me in my reflection

ダメね (dame ne) makes perfect sense when I hear it because I think in this case, it's almost more of a feeling than a line to be translated. It's meaning can vary, but the general idea is "there's no point" or "there's no use." The idea here is that she can't go on pretending just to please her family. I considered translating it as "I can't keep on pretending" but then I figured people watching it on YouTube with some knowledge of Japanese would revolt... so I didn't ^^;;

役に立たない (yaku ni tatanai) can be translated quite a few ways. Primarily, I'd go with "useless" or "worthless." I felt in this case, both of those feelings were needed and chose "good-for-nothing" for that reason. I felt that not only does she feel useless in the eyes of her parents because she doesn't meet their expectations, but she doesn't have much self-worth either because she's lying even to herself.

I chose to go the more interpretive route here, versus literal translation. More literally, this would be "I understand that I can't misrepresent my true self." Quite frankly, it's very awkward when taken too literally. I felt that treating it as her pretending to be someone she isn't had the same feeling and came across better in English. It's also more poetic, in my opinion, which is pretty much required of Disney songs.

水に派手な姿知らない人に見えるわ (Mizu ni utsuru hade na sugata shiranai hito ni mieru wa) I took a slightly more interpretive route here as well. The reason being that 派手な姿 reeaaally doesn't translate into English well. Actually, that isn't 100% true. It does translate into perfectly acceptable English, but it sounds odd, especially in a Disney song. Literally, it would be something to the effect of "gaudy appearance/figure." The idea behind 派手な is one of excess, something overdone to the point that it becomes unappealing. In this case, she's seeing herself, but not as she would recognize. She's in fancy clothes, wearing a lot of makeup, and has an elaborate hairstyle, none of which are things she would choose for herself. So when she sees that as her reflection, all that she sees staring back at her from the water is someone she doesn't know. I translated it thus.

隠せないわ 自分らしさ (Kakusenai wa jibun rashisa) And yet again, I took creative liberties. To my credit, jibun-rashisa can be a pain in the butt to translate. It's another one of those things that makes perfect sense when I hear it, but just doesn't have a nice sounding, simple, English language alternative. rashii is attached to nouns and adjectives to add 'seems' or an '-ish' feeling. rashisa is the noun form, so it makes the meaning change to 'like__'; basically becoming 'characteristic of ___.' Since jibun means 'oneself/myself', when rashisa is added, it comes to mean 'me-like' or 'something characteristic of me/myself.' If it wasn't so long-winded and somewhat ambiguous, I would have translated this line as "I can't hide what it is that makes me me." I may have stretched it a little bit to get the 'true to myself' meaning, but at the same time, I think that feeling is encompassed in the word already. *shrugs* If anyone is a native speaker or has a better translation, please comment and let me know. I'm always curious how other people translate things.

And the last two lines, where once again I take some creative liberties. Literally, this would be "The real me, one/someday... surely it will be reflected, one/someday.' Not the prettiest couple of lines. Really, the most accurate-but-still-sensical translation would probably be something along the lines of "One day, the real me... surely someday, it will be reflected.' In any case, I felt it was justifiable to make it a bit more poetic for the sake of feeling the song. ^^

Sunday, March 2, 2008

(DBSK) Junsu: If...!? (Romaji + Translation)


If anything bad girl konna hazu ja nai my love
If you say so, girl you say 'sou, ja mata ne' oh no

Crazy myou ni aseru totsuzen no KYANSERU Baby don't let me down, down
Tell me suukai no MEERU dare kara kiteru? Ienai kikenai baby
Ki ni shinai furi

* Mattaku kimi ni wa knock down oh knock down, oh knock down baby
Tsumasaki made ubawareteru ne
JITTO shite ite oh good girl oh good girl, oh good girl baby
Komarasanaide oh my naughty girl

If you have a secret dou sureba ii no? My love
If here is roulette nanka oshi yatte oh why

Maybe kyou tsukau kaori ga chigau sore wa for someone new?
(Don't wanna let you go)
Utagatte shimau sugu miushinau abunai setsunai baby
Mamoritai noni

** Mattaku kimi ni wa knock down oh knock down, oh knock down baby
Koneko no you ni nigete ite mo oh
Yappari boku ni wa good girl oh good girl, oh good girl baby
Kaete oide oh my naughty girl

* Repeat
** Repeat
Mattaku kimi ni wa knock down


If anything bad girl, it shouldn't be this way my love
If you say so, girl you say 'I see... well, later then' oh no

It's crazy and strangely hurried, your sudden cancellation... baby, don't let me down down
Tell me, who are those emails coming from? I can't say those words, I can't ask you, baby
I pretend I don't care

* In every way, you're a knockdown, oh knockdown, oh knockdown baby
All the way down to my fingernails, you're stealing me away
Stay still, good girl, oh good girl, oh good girl, oh good girl baby
Don't be dificult, oh my naughty girl

If you have a secret, what are you gonna do? My love
If here is roulette, I'll just teach you oh why

Maybe the new fragrance you're wearing today is for someone new?
I have so many suspicions, soon I'll lose myself to them ... this is dangerous, it's painful, baby
Even though I want to protect you

** In every way, you're a knockdown, oh knockdown, oh knockdown baby
Even if you're scampering away like a kitten, oh
You're still a good girl to me, oh good girl, oh good girl, baby
Come back to me, oh my naughty girl

* Repeat
** Repeat
In every way, you're a knockdown

Translator's Notes

Okay, so this line is a little complicated. The line is actually, literally, something like "crazy, oddly hurry(ing), your cancel baby don't let me down down." I think the implication is that she's suddenly canceled on some sort of plans they had, I chose to guess it was a date. I get the impression he finds her behavior out of character (or at the very least, he doesn't agree with it), as in the first verse he says 'it shouldn't be this way/like this' and the response is something along the lines of "oh, well, in that case, see you later." So, yes... ^^;;;

So, Japanese likes to use the word knockdown... and in odd ways, it seems. Usually it's used as in "knock down/fall over" but I think this could possibly be a mistake... I think perhaps the meaning they were going for here is "knock out." Like, she's a knock out, she's hot, etc.

The first line here is more literally translated 'maybe the different fragrance you're using today is for someone new?" However, it's more commonly said in English with the word 'perfume.' As for the second line, I wasn't 100% on it. 'utagatte shimau' brings the idea that he's completely lost in his suspicions/doubts, and 'sugu miushinau' literally means "soon I'll lose sight.' I think the implication though is that he'll be completely lost in his suspicions and lose sight of everything else, whether he really wants to or not. This could also go with the last line. I left it pretty much literal, but the idea seems to be he'll be blinded by all his doubts about what she's doing/who she's with etc. and he won't be able to do what he wants, which is protect her.

The verb 'nigeru' is used in this line. 'Nigeru' is usually translated as 'run away' or 'escape' but in this case, since the doer of the action is being compared to a kitten, I felt 'scamper' was a more fitting, image evoking verb. Plus, he calls her 'naughty' and 'good girl' and tells her to 'be still/don't move' and such. Can't you just see a cute little devil of a kitten running away from her pursuer? And he's just like, running around after her, shouting 'you're being naughty... come on, be a good girl.... stay still!' XD Okay, so maybe the imagery isn't meant to be quite so cutesy... but oh well, I just went with it ^^;;;;

Monday, January 21, 2008

DBSK 'Kiss shita mama Sayonara' romaji

And here's the romanization. As there are yet no official lyrics floating around, this was done entirely by ear. If there are errors, I'll fix them as soon as I find the kanji lyrics. Thanks and enjoy!

It's my lip
(Can you) feel it?
Open... open your eyes
Just look at me now

Boku no sekai no subete datta

Nakushita katahou no kutsu mo oretachi ii setsumei mo
Koboshita atsui coffee mo iroaseta namida mo

* Girl, tell me little lie
Please, tell me little lie
Kikoeru you ni

Demo yawarakaku kono te kara koboreta kimi

** Lonely people
Lonely people
Sou, kizukanakatta ano hi hanashi kakeru

*** Lonely people
Lonely people
Tada naite naite naite wasureru shika nai

Mada kizutsuku kono michi ni
Ima wa inai kimi e

Kiss shita mama goodbye

* Repeat

Ima furitsumoru konna yuki ga boku wo dakishimeru

** Repeat
*** Repeat

Ii no

Kioku ni nijinda namida no kazu wa (kawaite iku)
Boku no kokoro
Kazoe kirenai hoshi no you ni

*** Repeat

Lonely people...
I know...kimi wa mune no naka ni itsumademo

** Repeat

Kiss shita mama... sayonara

DBSK 'Purple Line' Lyrics Translation

Woohoo! Translating fun! ^_^ I translated "Purple Line" and "Kiss shita mama Sayonara" yesterday and thought I should get around to posting them. Yunho's rap is done by ear as there are no official lyrics for them at the moment. If there are errors, I'll correct once official lyrics pop up. There are also color coded translator's notes. Hope you all enjoy!

CREDIT: If you want to use these please credit lunatunalover @ LJ and/or give a like here, ongaku-seikatsu.blogspot.com Also, hayate_icewind @ LJ pointed out the 'really wanna touch myself' meaning, so thank you to her and please mention her help if you use this as well. Thank you.

Purple Line translation

Now I see this way
It looks like purple line
Gotta introduce myself

I can't even feel, seized by these suspicions
There are times I can't even take a step
Really wanna get in touch with myself, even though I wish for a miracle
Without a strong heart, I can't move forward
Right now!

* Purple line, let me setup my world!
No one else has ever walked this way
Embrace your dreams and keep searching for the way to live
My progression to be "me"
With your strong feelings in hand, show that you can seize victory

A purple line of passion

When challenges assail me, my heart becomes completely out of my control
But I won't run away if this is what it takes to grow
As I say this to myself, I'll overcome it all, right now!

** Purple line, let me setup my world!
No one else has ever walked this way
Embrace hope, keep gazing toward the future
Into my progression, I'll put my wishes
I'll never give up
A purple line of truth

As we engrave this moment on our hearts
Let's paint time like a movie
To find a "now" that's worth more than the yesterdays,
Imagine an evolving premonition... oh-oh

Yo! Check it!
This way of thinking, like all is lost
You must be loving your way
Because we must move forward
Let me, with my strength (help with)
Such as things that you do
Keep on working like that
Only your goal will decide
(Then we'll) hurl into our past
(And) show you what's between

(Woo!) The world's black and white, light and darkness, like south and north
(Woo!) Good and evil are smiling, beckoning me
(Woo!) In order to follow the path I believe
(Woo!) My soul will keep shouting out
We gotta purple like that. My time is still going on

* Repeat
** Repeat

Translator's Notes
I触れる (fureru) can mean both to touch and feel, I just felt feel worked better with the phrase that followed. Also, with 身動きひとつとれない (miugoki hitotsu torenai), even though nothing about a "step" is mentioned, the general idea is that you can't move. I just chose a somewhat more specific phrase. And thank you to hayate_icewind for the suggestion because I was quite unsure of how "really wanna touch myself" was supposed to fit with the rest of this verse. o.O

I'm practically 100% sure that when they say "this way" it's a reference to the path they're taking, not the manner in which they walk.No one else has ever walked this way. So, while it would be easier to read if it said "has ever walked this path," the choice of English for the song didn't really allow it. 自分らしく (jibun rashiku) is a fun phrase that means basically "in a me-like way / like me." For ease of understanding, I've just translated it as "me" with quotes to hopefully help pull the meaning across. 勝ち遂げてみせる (kachi togete miseru) is interesting. The 'miseru' adds a feeling of determination, a "I'm gonna do this no matter what/even if you think I can't " type of sentiment. This was rather hard to convey with only a few words, hopefully it makes sense.

I realize this verse sounds awkward and I apologize for that. The idea is that when faced with hardship, (he) freaks out, doesn't handle it well. But (he) won't give up, because it's challenges and such that help you grow/mature. So, taking that as a personal mantra of sorts, (he) strives to overcome all of trials that come (his) way... yes ^^;;;

These couple of lines were a bit tricky. There isn't actually a word that would translate as "find" here, but it helped to smooth over the English structure. I think the idea is that we want to start living in times that are better than those past and that to find this "high value" way of life, one needs to picture an evolution from the 'bad' yesterdays to the 'good' days we want to be real.

And Yunho's rap. It sure was..... interesting? o.O Yeah. I think it's supposed to be an encouragement. After the previous verse of yearning for a better present, Yunho is commenting on how to go about this. The parts in parentheses (help with, then we'll, and) are things that are not actually said but that I feel are implied. People need to progress, but it's hard to do so alone. They need strong leaders to help them along. They also need goals to work towards, but more importantly a way to get from the current state to the desired one. Understanding the past is always important for understanding the future, so I think that's sort of what the rap's ending is; a promise to show everything in the middle, the bridge from past to present.

And that is all! I hope this made sense <3

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Love in the Ice

Alright, so here's a content post finally. Well, I did have fun doing it... just didn't have the time to do it by my own deadline o.O

Anyways, here's the new song, Love in the Ice by DBSK, TVXQ, Tohoshinki, 東方神起、동방신기, or whatever other name you call them. I've romanized and translated it. If anyone wants the kanji lyrics, just comment and ask and I'll point you in the right direction. Although, if you really want them, I think you could find them pretty easily *shrugs*

If you want to use my romaji and/or translation, just please credit me. It took some time to do this. You don't even have to link to my journal, just note that they were done by lunatunalover @ LJ. If you want to put a link to this blog though, it'd definitely be appreciated ^^

In any case, here ya go! Enjoy! ^_^

Tohoshinki - Love in the Ice romaji

Tsumetai sono te kimi no sei ja nai
Osanaki hibi otta kizu kakae
Dareka wo aisuru koto osoreteru no
Kotoba no uragawa se wo mukete

Dakishimeta kokoro ga koori no you ni sotto tokedasu

* Daremo ga dareka ni aisareru tame ni
Kono yo ni inochi wo kiramekaseru no sa
Sore ga moshi mo boku nara mou ichido kimi no kokoro wo
Towa no yasashisa de atatameru yo…

Unmei no itazura (kokoro wo itamete mo)
Sono namida no saki ni wa
Hitosuji no hikari ga (yami no naka maiorite)
Bokura wa kizuku sa

Kurushii hodo ni tsuyoku kanjiaeru hito no nukumori

Daremo ga motteru kanashimi ya kodoku
Iyashite moraeru basho sagashiteiru
SO… Kimi ni wa sono basho ga koko ni aru sa osorenaide
Mou mayowanaide boku ga mamoru

Setsunai hodo (My heart) utsukushii
Ai dakara (Don’t be afraid)
Hakanai hodo (Let you know my love) uruwashii
Kono toki wo… (You know… Let you know my love)

* Repeat

DBSK - Love in the Ice Translation

It’s not your fault those hands are freezing
Born from those childish days, you carry the scars
Are you afraid to love someone?
Pretending you don’t see the other side of the words

Like ice, the embraced heart slowly starts to thaw

* For anyone to be loved by someone,
Makes life in this world shine
If it was me, I’d make your heart warm once more
With eternal tenderness

Even if fate’s mischief pains the heart
On the other side of those tears,
A single ray of light will swoop down into the darkness
We know

As strong as the feeling of suffering, we can feel people’s warmth

Everyone is searching for a place
That can heal their sadness and loneliness
So… for you, that place is here
Don’t be afraid, don’t hesitate anymore, because I’ll protect you

My heart is pained
Because this love is so beautiful, don’t be afraid
Even if it’s just momentarily, I’ll let you know my love
This time is beautiful, you know… let you know my love

* Repeat